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CDS Brand Consulting - vision

As of today the value of brands is recognized everywhere, not only in BtoC but also in BtoB and defining the sense of their brands is the responsability of the organizations.

  • The purpose of brands is to deliver the products’ identity, their genetic code. They add meaning and act as landmarks on the market. Brands embody the customers' relationship in its functional and emotional dimensions.
  • Brand management creates added value not only for the clients, but also for the employees and for the investors.
  • A great brand is a great idea which clients and employees are capable of expressing and which reflect their experience with the brand.

The brand is “the position which the product/the service/the offer or the company wants to occupy in the mind of its customers and of the other actors on the market”.

Brands create preference and loyalty, help to develop new sources of business, mobilize the internal target, and bring value to companies.

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