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CDS Brand Consulting - ambassadeur de la marque

  • Has deregulation in your industry created the need for a new brand?
  • Is your business diversifying requiring your brand to evolve?
  • Has a change in business strategy made your brand dated or out-of-step with your
    new customers?
  • Is your brand being diluted by inconsistent global brand development in your company?
  • Do you want to increase the visibility of a strategy of service?
  • How can you strengthen your brand if you are the leader of your category?
  • Is your brand ahead of your development strategy?
  • Are your sales force and your employees ambassadors of the brand?
  • Is your customers’ experience of the brand in line with the brand image you desire?
  • Do your new products, new services contribute to enrich and vitalize your brand?
  • Is your brand a business asset because it creates customer preference and loyalty?
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